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SEO Software of choiceI’m sure other bloggers have been effected by this, but there seems to be a huge amount of spam going around these days. I haven’t heard of any knew comment software coming out recently, but all of these spam comments have the same format, a bunch of links in a list. Of course, spam is the reason that I always manually approve all comments carefully.

I should say, almost always approve all comments carefully. Today, I was racing through 28 comments to be approved and a legitimate comment from Romelo I-tong slipped through. Hopefully, this post will make up for my mistake.

Romelo had made a comment on my Wordpress host transfer post stating the following: “10 hours is not that long, how many blogs did you move?” This is going from memory so I may have a word or two wrong, but you get the point. To answer his question, I moved 3 blogs to the new webhost. The first blog took the longest at a whopping 8 hours. Once I found the easy way in the Wordpress Codex things were a lot easier. My mistake was made when I tried to install WP 2.5 on the new server, but the old blog was only running 2.3 so I’m pretty sure the database tables were incompatible. Once I trashed this idea and decided to upgrade to 2.5 after transferring all was good.

Has anyone else noticed an uptick in spam over the last week? How do you handle it?

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  1. Grandy Says:

    You’re only human. I’m sure Romelo will understand.

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