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Earn money with Scour!Have you ever wished that you could use Google, Yahoo, and MSN all from the same place? I discovered a search engine this morning where you can search the big 3 all in one place. The search engine is called Scour. At first when I read about Scour, I immediately thought of the old time “get paid to search” sites that popped up shortly after Google introduced Adwords, but Scour is not the same. It has a professional look and you do not get paid by clicking on ads, which was the way things worked in the old days.

Combining searches from Google, Yahoo, and MSN is a great idea, but there’s more to Scour. Once you perform your search, you will be able to give a thumbs up or thumbs down to a result. Kind of like DIGG or Stumbleupon for search results. Once you “thumb” a website, you are able to make a comment about the result and why you voted it up or down.

I knew that remembering to use Scour would be a problem because I perform most of my searches from the Google Toolbar in my browser. Shortly after that, I realized that there is a Scour Toolbar available for both Firefox and IE which I downloaded right away. It works exactly like the Google search from Firefox and now it is right there in front of my face reminding me to search using Scour instead of Google.

Now for the good part; how does Scour pay?

You are able to earn up to 300 points per day using Scour. Only 100 of these points can be earned from searching, the other 200 need to be earned from “thumbing” or commenting about a site. The 200 point balance can be earned from any combination of voting or commenting, but you are capped at a total of 300 points. Once you earn 6500 points, you can then cash out for $25 in the form of a VISA gift card. There is also a one tier referral aspect to Scour where you will earn 25% of the total points your referrals have earned. It’s a great incentive to tell your friends. More information about the Scour rewards program can be found on their F.A.Q. page. Make sure you read the section about invalid usage and abuse to avoid banning from Scour.

Scour definitely falls into an easy and simple way to make money online, so I have added it to my favorite ways to make money online page.

Are you a member of Scour? What has been your experience so far? If you’re not a member, do you think you’ll become one?

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