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SEO softwareI have a favorites page set up with the sites that I use to make money online. I do not like sites where I feel like I’m being sold to, so you won’t see anything high pressure here; in fact most of them right now are the usual suspects. Besides eBay, all of the sites listed don’t cost any money to earn money.

I deleted my Yuwie link from this page a long time ago because I had noticed a ton of spammers hanging out there. I don’t mind being promoted to and reading things at my leisure, but the amount of notices I was receiving started to be rediculous. I had also heard rumors in the Big Crumbs forums of hijackers and other bad people loading viruses onto their computers as a result of surfing Yuwie pages. In my initial review I liked Yuwie, but I have learned a lot about the site since then. I should go back and update that post which I wrote a while ago so it doesn’t appear that I promote Yuwie.

I also deleted the bux, get paid for clicking sites. I can’t even remember their names now, even though I just deleted them 2 hours ago. At one point I realized that even with clicking in the background, it was still taking too much time and not making enough in return so I stopped visiting these 2 sites over 6 months ago.

I think at some point in time I’ll add my favorite MMO blogs to this page, even though this is not an MMO blog, becoming financially fit with money made online is one my goals. I may write about what I do to MMO once in a while, but for the most part I’ll let the experts write about the details. I may start to produce honest income reports for other sites besides Big Crumbs soon just so I have a growing record of this information.

While I don’t like sites that are real time consuming (Squidoo doesn’t count), I am also always looking for new opportunities that won’t cost anything up front. I will allow referral links as a comment on this post only if you have something you’d like to share with everyone. Please keep it down to one link and meaningful. Keep in mind that this is my blog and I have the right to delete ANY link that I deem inappropriate.

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